Hamlet tumbled & etched
Hamlet limestone has a lovely, wide range of interesting colour tones – from autumn shades to charcoal black. It’s a little bit like old English paving stones.

This version of Hamlet limestone combines a tumbled edge with an etched surface finish.
Tip: When using this stone in an interior setting, we recommend giving it a coat of wax polish. This will not only enhance the stone itself, but also make it easier to clean.
Product details
Format Thickness Price per m²
60cm x random 2.0cm £59.50 + VAT
This limestone has a tumbled finish which is created by a mechanical process that recreates the effect of the action of the sea on beach pebbles. The surface is then sandblasted, which softens the colour and creates a more muted effect. This also makes it less slippery.

Suitable for interior and exterior floors.